Why Choose Spectrum King LED?

Spectrum King LED grow lights are designed and manufactured in-house by experienced LED professionals who have been creating custom industrial LED grow light solutions for a variety of industries, including medical, government, military, commercial, and agriculture, for over 10 years.

Spectrum King is not just an LED grow light manufacturer or seller. They grow their own plants too, so truly understand the value of efficient lighting from the grower’s perspective. They know what it takes to produce an outstanding harvest, and want to make sure you have an amazing growing experience with their LED lights.

For a CREE LED Agricultural Branding Partner to be allowed to say, “Powered by Cree” your product must have successfully completed Cree’s Thermal, Electrical, Mechanical, Photometric and Optical (TEMPO) testing process, in addition to the special invitation by CREE. Spectrum King LED is the ONLY company to successfully qualify as a CREE® LED Branding Partner for Agricultural LEDs.

About Spectrum King LED Grow Lights

The Spectrum King LED line currently comprises five main lights:

  • The SK600 is comparable to Dual-Ended HPS/MH bulbs and uses just 40% more power than the 400+ series while giving you 82% more light than the 400+ Series
  • The SK400+ series is comparable to 1000 watt HPS bulbs and is mainly used for light-hungry plants.
  • The 100W series Mother’s Little Helper and Closet Case is comparable to T5 fluorescents/CFLs and are mainly used for veg, small grows & mother plants.

Spectrum King LED lights are also completely sealed to prevent moisture, dust, and bugs from entering the housing and tampering with the cooling or lighting performance. You can even spray the lights with a hose to keep them clean without causing any harm. The lights are IP65 certified and UL listed, ensuring the utmost quality with a durable design for lasting light.

Spectrum King offers a Dual Warranty for Light Output and Mechanical


Comes with Dual Warranty: Spectrum King LED Grow Light are guaranteed to maintain 90% or better light output for 3 YEARS* with regular use plus a 5 YEAR Mechanical warranty on all parts and labour