BudBox™ PAR Testing Results

What is PAR?

PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation and is the acceptable wavelength range for photosynthesis to occur during the life-cycle of plants. For photosynthesis plants need specific wavelengths of the light spectrum, between 400 nm and 750 nm. BudBox™ Pro–White models reflects more PAR than Mylar material and at the same time reduce troublesome hot spots (concentrated heat energy) and, as such, will always be the professional’s choice when it comes to horticulture. Not only is the flat white material reflecting more PAR light directly to your plants, it reflects less of the overall unused spectrum. With light energy comes heat energy and the Pro-White lining will always run cooler than a standard Mylar tent. The Mylar material will reflect more heat energy, therefore, will run hotter (around 6-8 deg C) as such, Mylar units require greater ventilation, or the use of less powerful lighting to compromise for overheating and damage to your plants.

BudBox™ have commissioned an independent specialist to measure the ability of their tents to reflect PAR – the better the ability to do this, the more PAR the plants receive and the better the photosynthesis stage of the plant's life – Photometric and Optical Testing Services, based in Cheltenham UK, scored BudBox™ a very high result of PAR reflection of 1.694 micromoles per square meter from the Pro-White range of grow tents. This was higher than the PAR rating for another popular brand of grow tents and demonstrates the attention to quality that BudBox™ has built its reputation on.


BudBox™ PAR Test Results - 1.694 PAR

BudBox PAR Test Results - 1.694 PAR

BudBox™ Grow Tents offer a class leading PAR result!

  • Tests were carried out on different samples of reflective material in order to ascertain which one reflected the most Photosynthetically Active Radiation - PAR
  • Each sample was illuminated with an illuminant A spotlight and a Radiant Vision Systems I8 photometric camera was used to take an image of the light intensity and distribution
  • A Jeti spectrometer was used to calibrate the source for PAR values
  • A 600 mm spot size on each sample was used to measure the PAR value

A sample from another popular grow tent manufacturer was also tested, alongside BudBox™ and its lower PAR result is independent proof that BudBox™ manufactures its grow tents with material offering class leading PAR. The better the PAR value, the greater the positive impact on your plants.

As you can see from the image and figures below, our competitor's grow tent is just not as efficient with PAR as we are! Independent proof that for better yields, you should only be using BudBox™ Grow Tents!

PAR Test Results from another popular grow tent - 1.584 PAR

PAR Test Results From Another Popular Grow Tent - 1.584 PAR

Independent proof that for better yields, you should only be using BudBox™ Grow Tents.