PRO 300 x 300 x 200


Pro White : R 9,888.00 incl. VAT

Silver : R 8,333.00 incl. VAT


The big kahuna! The largest tent in our range aimed at experts with a serious need for floorspace. What ever you can imagine you can fit into these beauties. You may just struggle to fill them up. Seriously though, this tent is for the expert grower who needs as much real estate as possible. Your grow room will demand multiple lights and extractor fans. In fact you will need multiple of everything. We recommend LED lights for your grow room because they are super efficient and with a room this size it will make a lot of sense. If you use HPS and or MH lights you are going to have a difficult time keeping your room cool and you are going to spend a lot of money on your electricity bill.
  • Pro size grow tents
  • Designed for HPS & LED lighting
  • Tents are made up in 1.5m square sections
  • Upgraded 25mm frame
  • Over-sized vents for acoustic ducting
  • No intrusive floor poles gives clear floor space growing area

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