PRO 150 x 300 x 200


Pro White : R 7,111.00 incl. VAT

Silver : R 6,111.00 incl. VAT


Don't let the title fool you, this is a serious size tent with a lot of real estate on offer. You will be required to use more than one of everything, but if you are buying this one you will know that already. To feed this tent with clones or seedlings is going to be quite a task and you are going to be really busy in your garden. The use of LEDs will make your operation most efficient and cost effective.
  • Pro size grow tents
  • Designed for HPS & LED lighting
  • Tents are made up in 1.5m square sections
  • Upgraded 25mm frame
  • Over-sized vents for acoustic ducting
  • No intrusive floor poles gives clear floor space growing area

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